Power Of Passion 💕

Until last year, passion was just another word that existed in my dictionary. 
I thought I was ‘passionate‘ about the gazillion things that I invested my energies in. Little did I know, it doesn’t  just work one way. 

Two way communication, transactions are perfect examples of the give and take game we play with life each day. 

Anger attracts pain, happiness attracts enthusiasm. The reciprocity that we witness has got to have some hidden meaning behind it, doesn’t it? 

But, what has all this got to do with passion? I’m getting there.

Right from my school years I’ve heard my mother remind me, chase what your heart says, money will chase you. But being the immature teenager that I was, my eyes always shone at the thought of earning more, by putting in more hours into something that just satisfied my material needs. 

Now that I look at the things I seek in life, money has started climbing down the ladder at a consistent pace. No, I don’t want to be a pauper all my life. But while making choices, priorities have started changing. Suddenly, I feel this urgency of not being under the scanner all the time, the freedom that comes with art, lures me every second of every new day I live. 

The ability to be able to lose yourself whilst getting engrossed in tasks that don’t rush me into doing something rash, is pleasing. A combination of mind, body & soul makes my feet thump and the sound of that imaginary guitar, making me swoon, laughing and enjoying every second. 

If it wasn’t for the understanding of this beautiful sequence of letters : p-a-s-s-i-o-n, I would still feel lost in known roads, not knowing which wrong step would take me far away from home.

When there was so much positivity in being in love with things we’re truly passionate about, why are we always faced with two roads – the negative always convincing us of its righteousness even before attempting to give something a chance? 

It’s all a process, an empire is built slowly, each level inspected with cent percent surety and only then do they go ahead with it. Similarly, ardor, the burning urge to be successful takes time to gather momentum and the enthusiasm that it needs. 

So be zealous, try not to restrict your boundaries and never think you won’t be good enough if you don’t follow what the crowds keep whispering silently in your ears. 

 ~~ Simran ~~


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When an early morning dream turned into a nightmare!

To dream is to be able to feel alive.


Hello, it’s been a while, isn’t it? But, I’ve made it a point to be a regular visitor at this blog. I’ve been so busy writing, reviewing and uploading excerpts from my poems on Instagram, I had forgotten how much I love writing articles which put out a part of me and my ideas in a new form. It’s better late than never though, right?

So, what is with this interesting (or is it) title?

I’ve grown up watching Hindi soaps throughout my school life. I still remember Tulsi Virani welcoming us in her room and Prerna getting married to Mr. Bajaj although she was in love with Anurag. Somewhere down those memory lanes, I quite distinctly remember one of them saying that how “Subah ke sapne hamesha sach hotey hain.”

Me being the overtly anxious, jumping to extreme conclusions kinda girl, freaked out when I had this horrible dream at around 5-6 am one day. Obviously, logic had been thrown into the bin before these terrible scenarios started coming to my mind.

I had just gotten free from exams and even though I hadn’t flunked a single test in my entire life, I was apprehensive about whether I would clear my finals and start working for the job I had managed to bag (Don’t know how I managed to do that either).

images (8)

The dream was terrible. It included me not being able to clear an extra course that I took and the factors (of which not all made sense) started popping up as the probable reasons. Now that the title does justice to what I experienced, I think you’ll can understand the situation I was facing. I constantly felt that my offer letter would be taken away from me and would end up sulking for months while working half heartedly for my dad.


But isn’t this every self-doubting human being ends up feeling? I was pretty sure that I wasn’t exactly the best person to be surrounded with when all one needed was positive vibes. But, that is just who I was. I would do my best to cheer up people going through a tough time, shower them with all the motivation that they needed.

But when it came to myself, I was still a work in progress. From choking up on my own tears before an exam to not feeling nervous while stepping out of the house, I knew I had come a long way. The journey wasn’t over yet and wasn’t about to end very soon.

images (7)

Nightmares can’t be avoided, they are problematic and their number can be difficult to control. But once we start looking and seeking solutions, going to bed won’t be as scary as it seems today.

All in all, nightmares aren’t meant to burst your bubble, especially on baseless statements made by shows that don’t match with your thinking. So keep dreaming without worrying about nightmares. They’re a temporary part of your life, they have no right to make you feel unsure about your abilities.

download (13)

~ ~ Simran ~ ~

Thank you for reading !

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India vs England 15.01.2017


The 15th of January, 2017 was a dream come true for me. India vs England live at the MCA International Stadium, Pune was something I had been looking forward to for months. Sure, I would’ve liked Mahendra Singh Dhoni still be captain and play a bigger innings, but his contribution during the first half of the game was impeccable and unforgettable.

The match began at around 1:30 p.m., but we reached way before time (Not complaining at all). It started off with commentators like Naseer Hussain and Sunil Gavaskar entering the field but I’m sure the spectators got even more pumped when the players started showing up.

It started off with a few players but I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw Yuvraj Singh and then finally MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli on the field. Watching MS bowl and then play football was the biggest cherry on top of the most decadent cake ever made. You can understand how Dhoni biased my mind is.

When the match started, it was awfully weird to see Dhoni just purely doing his job of keeping wickets. But then when the English batsmen started hitting some superb boundaries everything changed. Dhoni and Kohli constantly talking, making field changes together, eventually Dhoni making his own changes, Kohli agreeing with him, everything. It was pure magic. Watching two leaders lead from the front was an incredible feeling.



In the end, England posted a total of 350 runs which looked difficult to achieve, all we had to do was wait and watch.

The Indian openers, Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul tried the best but both got out very early in the innings. Yuvraj too hit a few good shots but succumbed to an average delivery. Next up was my favorite, MS, who also, left the crease shortly. 63-4 was terrible situation to be stuck in especially when there was the target of 351 hovering over their heads.

But the hometown boy Kedar Jadhav walked out and started hitting the ball very well. He was attacking right from the beginning and after a point Kohli joined the party too. It was Kohli who completed his century first and then Jadhav. However, the 200 runs fifth wicket partnership was what gave the much-needed impetus that the team really needed.


Both were struggling. That kind of target needed 100 times the energy and they were doing their absolute best. The physiotherapist would come every over to check on them. This routine continued even after Kohli got dismissed, Kedar was suffering from cramps. He even felt after playing a ball only to hit a six in the legit next delivery.

Hardik Pandya supported Jadhav well. After Jadhav’s dismissal, Jadeja played a few shots but got dismissed soon. Skipping to the end, we needed 7 runs from 13 balls. Pandya finished the over with a six leaving Ravi Ashwin to face the next over with we needing 1 run from 12 balls. The first ball of the over itself was smashed out of the boundaries for a six, yes, extremely Dhoni style!!!!

All in all, it was such a great experience, the match, the atmosphere, the stadium, everything.

MCA International Stadium is such a great venue, the facilities were brilliant, they were giving everyone free drinking water and there was a huge variety of food available (The amount of pizzas that I’ve hogged is very less compared to what I really wanted to!)


Thank you!

Simran R.

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Westside Haul!!!

It’s about time this blog post came up!

Hello to all my lovely friends, how have you’ll been? As always, I’ve been MIA but I’ve been extremely busy, hence the delay in this much awaited (at least for me) blog post.

This includes both, my long gone Diwali shopping as well as a few casual things I picked up at Westside. I’ve been shopping here for as long as I remember. There was a time when my entire closet screamed Westside!

One of the major reasons I love shopping here is 1) Variety. 2) Everything under one roof. 3) NO size problems. Literally, I can blindly pick up the same size every time without worrying about it not fitting me.

So no more beating around the bush, let’s get started!


As you’ll can see, majority of the stuff comes under the ethnic wear category. I didn’t go Diwali Shopping on time and hence the result.

  1. Salwar Suit No. 1:


A gorgeous Beige/ Off white coloured Kurta/Top with an embroidered neck. It has a plain Beige Bottom/ Churidaar and a beautiful Dupatta. I paired it with some block heels from Metro Shoes. You can even go for a golden pair of footwear, put on some golden accessories and bam, you’ll be sorted.

2) Salwar Suit No. 2


The next one is a simple suit from Vark by Westside. A yellow coloured Top/ Kurta with a simple yellow bottom/ salwar and a lovely Bandhani Dupatta.

I paired these with some heels from Global Step and some earrings.


3) Knee length Kurta:


The blue knee length kurta from Utsa by Westside is simple which can be worn to college, a brunch with friends or anywhere else.

You can pair it with black jeans/ leggings. For footwear, I would go for something like these flat ballerinas from Metro Shoes or even the tri-coloured flats I got from Westside Stores. A small sling bag like this one from Central Stores can be a great addition to the outfit.

4) Shirt 


I love this floral shirt! i wore it as formal wear for job interviews and it looked fabulous. It’s short from the front and a little longer from behind. I wore it with these formal pants from Vero Moda and this blue belt from Lino Perros. For footwear I went for these slips on from Metro Stores. (Just because I didn’t want to wear heels in college).

So that’s it from my Shopping Haul! I hope you’ll like it and if yes, do pay a visit to The Westside Stores whenever you’ll can. Also, this blog couldn’t have been complete without the other wardrobe necessities I got from MetroCentral stores (Which have almost all the best brands), Vero ModaLino Perros and Global Step.

Thank you!

-Simran R.


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The Pampered Child…

All of us are loved equally by our parents, isn’t it? So what makes us use the word ‘pampered’ to put us in another special category?


We desire new things every day. However, without even thinking about ways I can get it myself, I run to mother. No, I’m not a child. I’m a 20 year old who has always received what she has wished for. I’ve never really struggled for anything in life, be it shopping on a regular basis, foreign trips, or even the basic necessities in life. Even after having everything, I feel I’ve lost out on so much. Not knowing how to value things, how much is actually necessary for our existence from what we own, how to get things done on my own, and the most important, how to earn money.

download (9).jpg

When I tell my mom I want to do something where I can earn enough to suffice not just my elementary desire, but my pricey wants too, the first thing that she says is, ‘Stop bothering about money, do what you like.’

download (10).jpg

What stops me from doing what I like is the fear of failure. Not knowing the struggles of a beginner from scratch, I’m afraid my expectations are going to pull me down. I can’t take no for an answer and I think that is the biggest drawback anyone can have.

Not all your ideas can be good, not all will agree with your mindset and no one is going to have the same likes as you do. But that doesn’t mean you get offended when people don’t appreciate what you’re planning to do in your life. Does your happiness hold more importance than what ‘people’ would appreciate you doing? No, right?

images (6).jpg

You’ve got to hustle hard, it doesn’t matter how big or small the task is. If you work really hard for something, it is going to pay off. Even though you’ve always got everything you’ve ever wished for in your hands easily, it’s not too late to start now.

I will always be a pampered child, it is not a bad thing if you’re. But you have to start doing things for yourself. It’s now or never, isn’t it?


The Journey Is Going To Be Beautiful

Simran R.



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Next Shopping Haul ft. Westside Stores.

Stay Tuned 🙂

Gift Box ft. Forest Essentials

Hello to all my beautiful friends! How’s it going?

It hasn’t been long since Diwali ended, but late gifts are always welcome, aren’t they? This Diwali we received a lot of sweets compared to last year, which was quite annoying. One, because we make a lot of stuff at home. Two, outside sweets are too sweet. Artificial sweetening, color and what not! Just give dry fruits or a useful hamper perhaps?


Anyways, a friend gifted of us gifted us a lovely box from Forest Essentials.


It consisted of 5 products…


~Forest Essentials Silkening Shower Wash, Body Mist & Bath n Shower Oil~

2016-11-17 12.46.17 1.jpg

  • Shower Wash : I love body/ shower washes. This one is with Oudh & Green Tea and it smells wonderful. Green Tea has a lot of benefits and I’m sure it’ll be of great use.
  • Body Mist : Mist can easily be used as a replacement for deodorants and perfumes. The fragrance is a bit strong, but eventually dies down. Love the Green Tea.
  • Body Oil : Now, I’m not a big fan of body oils, but, I think this is a pre-shower oil.


~Luxury Sugar Soap & Velvet Silk Body Cream~

  • Luxury Sugar Soap : I love aromatic soaps, who doesn’t?
  • Velvet Silk Body Cream : I’m always apprehensive about using new creams. I have dry-oily skin type, so not many creams suit me. I hope this is the one!


Processed with VSCO

So that’s all from me and this box!

You’ll can check out other products from this brand on this site.

Thank you!

– Simran


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Next Blog post ft. Westside Stores vv soon 🙂


Hello to all my beautiful friends! How’s it going? I hope you’ll had a great Diwali and a much more eventful Halloween! I’ve been busy coming up with new ideas for my blog, major decisions regarding my life, etc. Anyways, I realized I hadn’t done a shopping haul in a long time and I’ve quite a bit of shopping in the past two weeks! So, as the title says, it is a Maybelline Haul (again).

Let’s have a look at what all I purchased.

img_20161102_153704 Processed with VSCO

Not too much, but, lets look at it in detail 🙂

  • Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation


Frankly, I don’t use a lot of make up on a regular basis. If I’m going for a party or something, the Maybelline concealer with the Compact is all I use. But I thought of buying myself one instead of stealing my mom’s whenever I have to use foundation. I tried this on at the Mall and it made my skin look really smooth and fresh. Plus, having an oily + dry skin, this really suited me. The bottle doesn’t have the price written but the internet says it is for Rs. 525 on Flipkart. It shouldn’t cost you more than Rs. 600.

  • Maybelline Dream Satin Skin (Compact)


I have always used Lakme compact, but I thought it was time to try on something new. This compact is easy to apply and blends very well. It doesn’t make your face look too powdery or white or whatever. It’s perfect even to apply with a mere concealer on your face. Check what suites your skin tone the best and choose wisely. It cost me Rs. 600.

  • Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner


I have never owned gel liners but have used them before. Eye pencils used to be my to go thing irrespective of where I was headed to. But you know, when you want to really dress up and be creative with your liner, gel liner is the way. It is really easy to apply once you get a hang of it. Check it out. Rs. 525.

  • Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Raspberry

2016-11-02 05.57.19 1.jpg

If you’ll have read my previous blogs, I’m sure you’ll know I’m a huge baby lips fan. They’re so easy and simple to use, go with every occasion and is a great replacement for lipsticks. This color is new, fresh and makes you look really young. If possible, definitely try to get your hands on it. I don’t remember how much I paid for it, but as per Google it should be available for Rs.300.

  • Maybelline Lipstick

2016-11-02 06.08.19 1.jpg

This is actually what I bought for my mom, I would prefer a lighter, more electric sort of color. But this one is really elegant and looks great with formals or when youre dressing up for functions. As per Google, you should get it for about Rs.350 or less. (Sorry, I don’t remember the prices, I threw the bill)

So, that’s it from my Maybelline Haul. I hope you’ll like what I bought. Go and grab yourselves a few Maybelline products because they’re just so WOW! Also, loved this little clutch/ purse that I got for FREE with my purchases. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

That’s all for now!



Thank you for reading 🙂

Next Haul ft. Westside stores! Stay Tuned…

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MS Dhoni – Our Champion, Our Hero. 

What a delight it is to watch your role model, your favorite cricketer play such a wonderful piece of cricket, the one and only, M.S.Dhoni. The name itself is enough to make an impact.
I’ve been an obsessive cricket viewer for the past, well, almost all my life. I make it a point to watch every match that comes up, be it a minute or an entire day. I get extremely defensive when someone speaks against the one who’s the most respected in my eyes.

After a power pack performance by the New Zealand tail enders yesterday, I was convinced, 285 wasn’t an easy target. I didn’t trust all the players to help contribute their share (really, no offense to anyone). It’s just the mind of a die hard MSD fan speaking. So many questions keep arising regarding his retirement, and after a poor IPL performance by the Rising Pune Supergiants, I was disheartened. Not because I thought Dhoni should retire, nope. Such good captaincy wasn’t showing results making it difficult to see our champion on the losing side.
However, the massive sixes that he smashed in the last Pune match was a much needed slap that every hater received.

It angers me when people make judgements based on a bad day on the field. Trying being such a great sportsperson first, then think about raising your fingers at him.

Fastforwarding to the match this Sunday, I think two wickets down everyone had given up. I always used to be skeptical about Dhoni coming out to bat early. What if he plays very well, but gets out soon? We won’t have anyone whom the team can rely on later on. But when he walked out today, I almost squealed because 1) Two wickets were down already. 2) It was MS Dhoni. 3) He looked determined as hell. 

The way the atmosphere on the crease changed was mind boggling. Dhoni was hitting freely, 4s and then a massive six to follow. I almost forgot it was Kohli batting with him. Dhoni was aggressive and brutally went on hitting the ball away for quick singles, fast run doubles and destructive boundaries.
He got out on 80, which I’m pretty sure saddened everyone present in the stadium. Everyone was looking forward to a century from him. He played his role, but we selfishly wanted our century.

After this match, I was high on happiness, joy and excitement. The way Dhoni plays leads to bursts of adrenalin run down my spine.

So, no matter what people say. Dhoni is always going to have that special place in our hearts, which is impossible to replace.

A die hard MS Dhoni fan,

Why my face looked so dull!

Hello! I know I was MIA for quite a few months. Procrastination got the better of me, I guess. Or maybe I was out of topics. That was probably because I was thinking too hard on what to write about.

Then I thought, I’m sure I’m not the only one that does what I do daily or goes through the same problems or has the same questions, isn’t it?

So here I am with one problem that I go through pretty often.

A dead looking face. A tired, all energy sucked out kind of face. Does that happen to you too? It’s either because you’re over exhausting yourself or you aren’t taking care of it. For me, it was the latter for sure, I guess. 😋

So what could be the possible reasons?

1) Dehydration

I don’t drink a lot of water. I need to be constantly reminded that something called H2O exists. Unless I keep a bottle with me at all times, its impossible to believe that I drank more than even 4 glasses of water.

So either consciously keep drinking water every one hour or keep a bottle with you. Plus, it also helps you lose weight!


Personally, I love drinking water from colorful and fancy bottles. I used this bottle from  Tupperware which is really helpful when you’re out the entire day.

2) Need of a face clean

I hate parlor appointments, they take up almost 2-3 hours which really requires removing a major chunk of your morning or evening time. I used to go for face cleans very regularly earlier, but didn’t notice much of a difference.

I just follow a regular face routine which has been helpful in making my skin look better than earlier.

You can visit Skin Care Routine blog post for detailed information.


3) Not eating enough vegetables 

If my mom were to read this, she would laugh at me. No, I don’t eat all the necessary ones but I do eat most of them. Be it French beans, leafy vegetables, all the type of gourds, I try to eat all of them. And so should everyone. Eating a little is better than having none at all. If you don’t like having them as a side to your main dish or a stir fry, make a soup out of it and have it. Spinach soup is one of my favorites!

Try out the Yummly app on your phone for some super awesome soup recipes.


4) Smile 

I’ve realized that you don’t need a reason to be happy. Being and staying happy will make you smile a lot more than you currently do. Do things that give you joy and a new sense of enthusiasm! Read, dance, watch your favorite movie, stalk hot boys, go shopping, and the list is never ending.

Lifehack has the best ways to make me feel better.


5) Get enough sleep

I love going late to bed but I also love waking up early. It is so serene in the morning, that you can definitely go for a walk, sit in your balcony and sip on some coffee in peace, and even get some work done without getting distracted or disturbed. I am trying my level best to sleep by 12 (Failing at miserably) and waking up by 6:30 – 7 a.m (which is more likely to happen during exams). Zenhabits couldn’t have explained it any better!


Thank you.





More blog posts coming up very very soon!

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How much do we value something?

How much do we value money? Have we ever thought about the money we spend on unnecessary things without thinking?


I was out shopping last Saturday with my cousin at one of my favorite shops, Westside.(mywestside.com/Home.aspx) I’m always shopping with my mom that I’ve never found the need to take money when I’m with her. She had given me enough money based on how much I usually spend.

Surrounded by the lovely merchandise that the Westside stores have, I had this urge to buy everything that please my eye. Anyways, fast forwarding the sad story of nothing fitting me well, the footwear section was the only hope that I had to lift my saddened mood.


I selected a pair of flats which are really cute and totally worth it, at least, that is what I thought. Then my eyes fell on my favorite rack with beautifully designed flip flops which could replace the ones I wear at home in the snap of my fingers. I saw the price and it was almost less than 1/3rd of what I was ready to pay for my flats, but I didn’t buy it. I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t buy it. I was probably feeling guilty about the fact that I was spending so much of my mom’s money every two months on shopping.


Would I treat the money I earn the same way? Probably not. I’d turn into that super calculative girl who is particular about where her money goes and what she can do to retain if not increase it.

Again, fast forwarding to the evening where I went shopping again, but this time I took my mom along with me. I really liked this Top/ Jacket thing (I don’t know what to call it) from AND. (Direct Link : andindia.anitadongre.com/…/black-moto-jacket ).  Its price was 2.5 times of those flats but I didn’t really care about the price. Why? Why worry when mom’s here?

Sometimes I think to myself, what do I really value? Doesn’t necessarily have to be something materialistic, but still. All those books that I own, the clothes that I own, the food that I eat, the gadgets that I use, what? I’m glad that I have these things, but I don’t take care of them.

images (1)

Now if someone was to come and tell me that someone has stolen something you’ve written and posted on Instagram, I would lose it. I would hyperventilate, cry, scream and what not. That is something I’ve worked hard on and it’s all about the fruits that motivate me to keep going.

So, that’s what I’ve decided. Value whatever you own and have. It doesn’t have to be worth a million dollars, you just have to be happy about having it in the first place.

Treat yourself with care for sure, but treat the ones that make you feel better with much better hands.

– Simran

images (2)


Thank you for reading, hope you’ll liked it.

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